Your cyber security specialist

IMH Group supports you to strengthen your IT safety

We simulate attacks to identify possible breaches in your infrastructure and then offer adequate solutions to secure them.


Identify flaws in your systems and applications and reduce the level of risk exposure for your infrastructure.

IMH Group offers penetration testing solutions and services.

The objective of the penetration test is to assess the level of vulnerability of your infrastructure, which will allow you to check the weaknesses of your systems, using our attack simulations.

Cybersecurity governance  

A team of experts for the implementation of your IT security management system.

Our experts, ISO 27001 certified, support you in setting up your ISMS as well as all the procedure necessary for ISO 27001/27002 certification

Analysis of security logs 

Centralized console to monitor cybersecurity logs

Analysis of security logs allows you to detect errors in your applications, extract security breaches and detect intrusions (breach detecting)

Our teams offer both technical and procedural solutions to fix any problems detected.

Risk analysis

Eliminate and reduce the level of risk by implementing adequate prevention measures.

Reducing these risks must be preceded by an analysis to:

– Detect the risks threatening the company’s activity

– Qualify each risk to define the impact’s level it will have on the company.

IMH Groupe supports you to strengthen your IT security