Your Agile specialist

Our priority is to satisfy you by delivering quickly and regularly high value features.

Therefore, we have adopted Scrum one of the most proven and documented agile method.

Our team of agile experts is able to intervene on 2 main axes

Agile diagnosis and specific advice

If you don’t know where to start, or if you want to know your current agility level, the agile diagnostic is for you.

The specific agile diagnosis allows to highlight the right conditions of your organization and your teams for an agile transformation, but is an eye opener on the main issues to be monitored to ensure a smooth agile transition.

Support and implementation of solutions

Based on the results of the diagnostics established by our experts, we offer you the solution that will best suit your situation, the nature of your activities, and your project vision.

Solution 1

Integration of an agile coach for a specific period: A dedicated agile coach will support your business during the transition period in order to establish the agile culture in the different teams.

Solution 2

Integration of a Scrum Master: He bridges the gap between your team and the outside world. The Scrum master’s mission is to help the team move forward independently, to instore agile culture and practices, and to lead the various Scrum ceremonies.

Support and training in Scrum methodology


Agile coach

Training Leaders

  • Improvement of business processes and operations
  • Agile modeling and architecture
  • Iterative project management;
  • Development of high-value products;
  • Managers and teams coaching.

Scrum Master

Creation of collaborative and efficient teams

  • Servant leader
  • Self-organization, transparency, constructive disagreement, and collective intelligence
  • Agile engineering practices
  • Problem-solving and Conflict management

Do you know your level of Agility?

Becoming Agile for the right reasons
  • Greater client satisfaction ;
  • Increased productivity ;
  • Better risk management ;
Introduction to an agile culture

We mitigate the challenges of Agile transitions.

Establishment of agile practices
  • Change in the corporate culture ;
  • Improvement of communication channels ;
  • Collaborative work environments ;