IMH Groupe is a worldwide company whose head office is based in Toulouse- France. Our company started its activities since 2013, and it has been since committed to consolidating its position as a valuable IT service provider partner, specializing in assistance and support for IT project management, web and mobile development and Sourcing services.

At IMH Groupe, we are fully committed to satisfy the applicable requirements and to have a positive impact on the market as a whole.

We aim to ensure our customers satisfaction and to be among the most trusted actors in the market by offering them high-quality services and solutions, and by further integrating our values and ethics into our everyday behaviours. The quality, authenticity, safety and traceability of our products and services, required by all our customers, are our fundamental challenge.

To fulfil our mission while respecting our values, we have implemented a quality management system, and we are engaged in its continuous improvement. The standard ISO 9001 is the constant reference for the improvement of our Quality management system.

This policy reflects the commitment of IMH Groupe general manager to the development of the Quality Plans for our different activities and to achieve the established quality objectives through:

  • Establishment and monitoring of an efficient quality management system to face all kinds of risks;
  • Continuous improvement of our product & services, in order to propose the most personalized and competitive offer to our customers;
  • Continuous improvement of company’s branding;
  • Improvement the talent Development Strategy to prevent all kinds of risks.


General Manager