Is Quality so important for an organization?

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Always FOCUS ON: Customer satisfaction!” Imed Meddeb HAMROUNI, IMH Groupe CEO

Nowadays, companies in competition are able to provide services of equivalent quality and at comparable costs. What makes the difference between competitors now is their ability to detect changing needs and their ability to satisfy them before others. It is therefore not enough to control the market to retain customers.

And it is in this context where we can create differences by adopting a Quality Management System:

The main purpose of the quality management system (QMS) is to precisely define the procedure of creating quality products and services.


With this in mind, IMH Groupe has today opted for the implementation of a quality management system as a first step in the direction of leading the market in the fields of IT development, customer service and support, cybersecurity services and assistance/management of projects.

We believe today that the difference between us and our competitors lies in the mastery of our organization, of our processes, products and services. A quality management system will therefore help us set up correlated processes to better understand the entire organization and, in advance, will also give us information on the direction that the organization will take.

Our aim is clear: To improve our overall performance and to live up to the expectations of our customers. Today we are trying to not be overwhelmed by immobilization, by implementing a dynamic improvement system. In general, we are now studying more closely the different aspects of quality management and updating our approaches in terms of methodologies and infrastructure.

The certification process at IMH Groupe has already started since 2019 and we hope to be ready to be certified from the second quarter of this year.

We will always be ready to take up the challenge and be at the heart of the market, because the satisfaction of our customers is our main priority.